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Education for development

Seeks the promotion of a global citizenship committed to the fight against poverty and exclusion, as well as the promotion of human and sustainable development, through educational processes that transmit knowledge and promote attitudes and values that generate a culture of solidarity.

Education for Development and Social Transformation

It is a strategy of collective action thanks to which conditions are generated for the development of a critical, responsible and committed citizenship, individually and collectively, with the Universal Right to Health.

Right to Health

It includes the right to timely and adequate health care, as well as equitable access to the determinants of health, such as the right to safe and potable water, an adequate supply of food, nutrition and housing, healthy occupational and environmental conditions, and access to health-related education and information.

Social justice

According to the United Nations, it is based on equal opportunities and human rights, beyond the traditional concept of legal justice. It is based on equity and is essential for each person to develop their full potential to build a peaceful society.

Global Health

It is a discipline whose purpose is to educate, research and act on transnational problems, determinants and solutions to improve equity in global health.

Sexual and Reproductive Health

It is defined by the United Nations Population Fund as a “comprehensive approach to analyzing and responding to the needs of men and women with respect to sexuality and reproduction”. Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights (SRHR) is an inclusive term that encompasses a wide range of rights related to sexuality, gender, reproduction, including sexual and reproductive health.