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Planning and the choice of contraceptive methods are fundamental issues in the life of any person, especially when reaching adulthood. However, in many cases, the lack of accurate information due to taboos, has given rise to a series of myths that can generate confusion and concern. We at Conversextion are at your side to debunk the 10 most common myths and clarify your doubts.

Remember that having doubts or questions does not make you less interesting or less attractive, on the contrary, having the ability to recognize that we are not sure about how to freely and responsibly exercise our sexuality and seek advice from health professionals or experts will allow us to know ourselves more deeply and develop a culture of care for a pleasurable and healthy sexuality. So, here we go:

Myth 1: Planning is only for adults.

Planning is relevant for everyone, regardless of age. It is important to know your options and make informed decisions from an early age.

Myth 2: Birth control methods are 100% effective.

No method is completely foolproof. Although many methods are highly effective, such as the IUD or the Pill, there is always a small risk of pregnancy if they are not used correctly.

Myth 3: Birth control methods cause weight gain.

Some people may experience weight changes, but this is not a general rule. Side effects vary from method to method and from person to person.

Myth 4: Using condoms is uncomfortable.

Condoms are designed to provide effective protection and should not be uncomfortable if used correctly. There are different sizes and types to find the right fit.

Myth 5: Planning only means avoiding pregnancy.

Planning also means planning when to have children and how many. It can be a useful tool for those who want to become parents at the right time.

Myth 6: Hormonal contraceptives are harmful to the body.

Hormonal contraceptives are safe and effective for most people. The benefits, such as preventing unwanted pregnancy and regulating the menstrual cycle, outweigh the potential side effects.

Myth 7: I can’t get pregnant the first time I have sex.

This is a dangerous myth. You can get pregnant the first time you have sex if proper protection is not used. Don’t underestimate the risk.

Myth 8: Only women are responsible for planning.

Planning is the responsibility of both parties in a relationship. Open communication and cooperation are key.

Myth 9: Planning is expensive.

In many places, planning services are accessible and affordable. You can also get free birth control at some clinics.

Myth 10: I can only use one method of contraception throughout my life.

You can change birth control methods at different stages of your life according to your changing needs. You are not limited to one method.

Do you still have questions? Don’t worry, in our Conversextion community with our team of experts we are with you to solve all your doubts and concerns. Here we leave you the link to enter our general forum Debunking Myths where you can find specialized information about some of the most popular contraceptive methods and find the answers you need.

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